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Default sportscarpats sprocket adapter

so around 2 weeks ago i started talking with pat, i needed a sprocket adapter within a reasonable amount of time, and liked the idea of his better then the manic mechanics adapter (i'm sure manics is a fine piece don't get me wrong) because he had gone and countersunk the bolts, which from what i understand the manic mechanic had not done to his adapter. so i asked pat how long it would be before his was for sale, if it was going to take to long i'd get the manic mechanics, and found out they were still a ways out. a few pms later pat agreed to sell me one of his prototype adapters and a 40 tooth sprocket for $90 dollars shipped, he said it was a bit more then they'll retail for since it was a small run.

i got it in on monday, and no joke putting it on was faster then taking the kits rag joint off my tire, it also was much more solid feeling, and was much much straighter then i could get the rag joint.

my bikes still a work in progress but someone asked for pictures of the adapter so i figured i'd post a few. i didn't take any before putting it on but pat has posted some in his original thread.

its awesome and easily worth the $90 i paid considering how many head aches and cuts on my hand that rag joint gave me.

i'm not sure when he'll have em officially for sale, but i plan on buying at least 2 more the same time i buy my mom n my sisters motors and start building their bikes.

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