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Default New to Motorbicycles and kinda embarrassed

Hello all! I'm from St. Louis, MO, and have been browsing through this forum and Wow!! There are some incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people here!

I feel like a cheater and a little embarrassed ordering my completely assembled and tested setup from SpookyTooth and not building it from scratch myself. My thought is that since I'm so new, I'd rather start with one that I know works properly before I get in deep doo doo after I start tweaking and changing stuff.

We don't have any motorized bikes in my area (that i know of anyway) - I haven't heard of any or seen any in my area so all I've seen are pics on the web. I hope I like what I get.

I'll be lurking for a while till I have something of value to say (or questions of course) .


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