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Default heres a story for you

im not sure what kind of problems and drama you all have had but here is mine

i got my kit 1 month ago when i lived in nashville
i left the next day to move to chicago . when i got the bike (jaguar cruzer)
and my 49 cc engine together i was extatic.

my brother and i began to put it on.
the usual fabrication of parts and mounting brakets. ok

after getting it all on 2 hours ago after 8 hours of labor most of which resising the chain we were ready.

except for the electrical lots of little plugs and wires.

so we rode and rode it popping the clutch in and out nothing

after a little while i tweeked it

when i popped the clutch in and the engine reved it was the best fealing in the world. i guess i dont need to tell you guys that but it was.

so i rode 300 yards around my street and when i was almost home to give my bro a try the engine chain popped of and snagged on the wheel and the whole wheel crumpled ( i forgot to put the chain tentioner on
(all of the kits parts in tact)
i am going to go get a new wheel . while im not verry happy about the incident i can t be mad at all it was awsome.
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