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Jasonh worte:

I just wish I got to do cool stuff as a kid.
I'd bet many of us feel that way deep inside and it's why we're here. But that's a function this board could excell at. Anytime anyone here sees something like Lightfoot posted, or any other interesting projects that could lend itself to a motorized bike in some way, then by all means mention it here. Post a link to it at least.

We should emphisize the resources sticky to all the new members when they join and encourage them discuss any web sites they know of where people have done something cool that may be of interest.

In the time I've been here It seems most are trying to get a motorized bike together. Some post of motorbike burnout. So, what's to do ???

In my sketch book of ideas I'm trying to figure out if I could build a side car that could fold out like a tent camper to take care of the riders basic overnight needs. I've also considered a side car kit what would house a laptop, cameras & cam corders, mic's, and so forth to cover events in my area like speed boat races etc. (as I live on the Ohio River) I see the big RV's the TV stations have and I'm betting a motor bike with side car could carry some smaller equippment to field to cover these stories too and host them in a web site. Possibly get into a better position to watch the event too. Down the river from me the County Draft Horse & Mule Club has
plow meets (like tractor pull's) and it never gets any coverage. I'd like to build my bike project to where I could do some of these things and upload the video, photos & podcast to UTube and then email the link to the local TV stations or CNN. But the side car could hold tools & spare parts as well that would be necessary to work on the bike in case of a breakdown.

I would encourage those of the board to keep a small pocket size notebook and pen with them to jot down ideas when they see things that intrigue them.
Even if it's something you see on TV, or in a magazine at a library. Write down the name of the magazine, date, and issue (that's called a "citation")
so you can find it again or tell someone else about it.

But for all of us to be conscious of these things will put the cool things closer to our finger tips. I really feel for some of these young kids I see who are in single parent households where Mom is the only parent. If she reasons "Johny" only needs a TV, Radio, and Computer with internet connection to keep him amused........then poor Johny. No tools to work on anything with, no support if he wants to. Just Mom's......."well honey that's can do that when you grow up and you're making your own money". That's just the luck of the draw for some of us, so perhaps the rest of us can encourage them to turn dreams into reality.....and keep their imagination form withering on the vine in childhood.

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