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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

the stock pucks are the same material as the rag joint, which is basically a recycled tire.

at least on all my Grubees they are.

what i did to make my clutch work was:

sanded the pucks so they "float" instead of stick into their holes.

drilled holes and roughed up the surface of the outer plate.

took off the "flywheel" gear(for lack of a better term) and roughed up the surface of the inner disc with a grinding bit, like giving a non-directional surface on a brake rotor after it's been turned.

drilled holes in the lower front and back of the teardrop cover plate, in hopes some airflow will keep the pucks from heating up and glazing.

pulled out the clutch adjuster bolt and adjusted the inner spring tension.

out of all of these experiments, i think roughing up the inner plate surface helped the most.

i don't expect the stock pucks to last too long with this set-up. i haven't checked, but it's been a few weeks and it seems like the clutch cable may need to be adjusted again, due to the pucks wearing.

i figure just getting some real friction material pucks will solve all of this, and nobody needs to go to the extremes i have.

i'll call the guy tomorrow and see what the deal is. if i can make a bunch (and it works) i'll sell upgrade kits, hopefully for cheap. depends on what it costs me.

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