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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

My springer forks failed! Am big time bummed. Love that dam thing. Will tear down and post pics but the main stays seem to have parted and failed. So instead of going st8 down say to 7 0'clock looking at the left side, they now go to 7:30 or so. I done the face plant thing and don't play around with the front end. have 2 sets of ridged forks that will fit this bike so not a huge deal but gonna suck going back to solid even for a while.

"it's a blast to ride!"
says it all! Very cool Skarrd

Working on a 3 wheel car to commute yr round. Is lil less then 5 miles to my morning job and here in the nutmeg state(ct), can use a 5 HP engine. So am trying to come up with a combo shifter kit/CVT. Goal being uber low end torque and a high end of 50 on a safe vehicle. Plan on the low end to be an electric motor and the long distance to be the gas/scooter engine. The huge bummer part is I might forgo peddles. Would be bad as I kinda think of keeping em as a sort of challenge and great back up. But this is to be an actual and necessary mode of transportation. Also an experiment in a safe trike/MB. With out the pedals, I don't see them as true MBs.

I rambled there but looking forward to your updates on your shifter kit. Very cool.
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