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Yeah we're just a hop skip and jump away.

Yep it's getting that good fishing time of year, we could get enough rain to get things filled back up around these parts, everything around here is a mud hole just about, lake brownwood is 9.8' below the spillway, I haven't even been out there in a couple months but people say it aint looking very good right now, normally I'd be hitting the Crappie house about now at 5am to about 10am or when ever they quit biting but I haven't been fishing a ingle time yet this year, weather been bad, lake real low, and just been busy doing a bunch of other stuff on my days off.

Here is a pic of the last bike I put together, it aint fancy and it aint no high dollar bike but I built this engine from the ground up after it locked up on me put a new crank in it has a Creative engineering ported intake, I milled .012 off the head and smoothed the transition ports up a bit, it has a 36T spocket that I took off a kids bike and drilled to work with the rag joint coupler, and a chain tensioner roller I made from a skateboard wheel which works real good, it has flat proof tubes in the tires and Kenda Kevlar rienforced tires, I put a front hand brake on it and the rear cargo rack. this engine pulls very strong even with the 36T sprocket, it actually pulls much better than my other one with a 41T sprocket, It's a Huffy bike I ordered off for $100 and has about 200 miles on it so far, so it's just getting broken in about now, I use Opti2 synthetic mix oil at around 70:1 Ratio and it runs great on it, my other bike has a little over 800 miles on it now and still runs like a new engine, I just haven't done any upgrades on it yet, I plan to shave the head a bit and to put a Creative Engin. intake on it as well this spring sometime then I'm sure it will perk up a bit too, it's on a bike I put together from about 3 different bikes but it is real solid and rides real nice. I want a 36T sprocket on it too when I do the rest to the engine here shortly.

Well I'll be working all weekend so I hope you cant a pile of them white bass down there at Colorado bend, I'm not much on eat-in them white bass but I sure like to catch-em, when they are hitting the top after them shad I always use a White, Yellow or Clear Heddon Tiny Torpedo and they will eat that thing up....

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