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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Spent 30 hrs, no kidding 30 expletive hrs trying to get the one bolt off the manifold on Carol's car to replace the gasket. So she has my car and I am commuting on the daily rider. Which is pretty awesome. Springer forks rule! Really do make a huge difference. Any way was running late so Carol drove me to work with the motorized bicycle on the car. Get off work and fire her up. So sweet. Love the sound of this thing. Then, Grinding sound. Before I can shut her down, she stalls. "What fresh **** is this? Sounded like the return spring broke again and was scraping. Had no tools! But a buddy happened past and I borrowed an 8MM wrench. (Broke my own rule of not carrying every tool ya need to build one, while ya ride one) But the center bolt had just worked lose. Easy fix and great ride home. And, and! lol found out some great news about a biz venture I'm working on. Just another cool motorized bicycle sorta day and spring is coming!

I had not thought of this, Carol's idea. When I hooked the battery back up on her car, the post clamp broke. She was gonna pick one up as I have a meeting tonight. She said to IM a pic from my cell phone as she didn't understand what I was asking her to pick up or just wanted to be sure. This would make it really easy at Granger's or the like when I am trying to do some odd thing or marry to parts together and don't know what it's called or if one is even made. Just sayin as this does happen to me a lot and will be useful.
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