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Default Re: most of you know

No I never kill at the stop but if I don't get a reasonable amount of speed the darn clutch squeekes. That can't be a good thing. The bike will not pick up much speed until I turn it over a few times. I have a funkie small crank on the front.

I am having a bad day off the bike so i think this might be a health issue not a bike issue. I promised my wife I wouldn't ride any of my bikes, or do any building till next week. Try to give my brain time to adjust to whatever is going on in there.

But aside from all that, I have always had a problem starting this particular bike from a dead stop on an incline. The problem is getting it moving so that I can pop the clutch. I would do fine if I could just get it rolling using the motor but that is a really bad idea I'm told.
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