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Cool Re: Ethanol Free Gas - E0

I have to go to the gas distributor (Mark Nelson Oil Products, by I-5) and have a special card that says I'm smart enough to pump my own gas to get " clear unleaded" with no ethanol. I've heard gas absorbs about 6 ppm of h2O but ethanol absorbs 6000 ppm. Even the fuel distributor says it's bad for all carborated engines not just 2 strokes. I think it's worth the trip just like what you have to do for racing fuel. I run 87 octane with Amsoil sabre 32:1 gas right now $3.60 gal + 4 oz amsoil for $2 so I'm paying 5.60 a gallon with oil. But I think it's worth it. Erhanol is for drink' n not burning.

Also I tried premium but after some research I realized that 87 is actually more explosive. I don't get pinging with 87 so I run the cheap clear unleaded and put nice oil in my ride. I have just over 80 miles on this motor and I still have over a full tank left from my first gallon of hillbilly lightning. At this rate I'll be over 130 miles on a gallon. I'm getting over 40 miles a tank so it's at least 120 mpg. I hope it's dry Sunday so myself and others can ride downtown. I hope everyone can make it for some coffee and jawing about our rides.

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