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Default Re: California Canyon Rider

Originally Posted by forrman View Post
Dave31: Thanks for the message! I was thinking the same thing about the OHV laws in California, Arizona & Utah (and probably all the other states I will end up riding my MB). This is great to know because we can't always bring our dirtbikes when we tow our trailer, but we do still have room to bring 2-3 motorized bicycles in the back of our truck. This will be VERY cool!

Hey, have you ever heard of people organizing motorized bicycle races or rides in the desert? I think I will post something on this site and see if there are people interested in hauling their motorized bicycle out to the Mojave Desert (or some other riding place in So Cal), for an "MB Enduro." This sounds like fun!!!

Nothing in the desert but Death race is coming April 16th to Musselman Honda Circuit.

I do plan in July to race my BoXer in a Off-Road Rally in Mexico if they allow my motor assisted bicycle to run with the 450cc moto's. For the past several years I have had family time the race for me and I actually think if I run very hard I might be able to surprise those big thumpers with my little 50cc 2-stroke.
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