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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Originally Posted by jaguar View Post
To those of you that think the guy is lying:
If he got an engine with more ideal engine balance (ie: lighter piston and wrist pin or flywheels with more weight removed from around the con rod pivot) then it is very possible he reached higher-than-normal speeds. The engine imbalance is the greatest hindrance these engines have. Maybe the chinese factory finally ran out of the out-of-balance parts and now are utilizing ones that give better balance.
So your telling me he just so happened to get a motor that is balanced,lighter piston and or flywheel????Your out of control....This guy has a stock motor like the rest of us and it doesnt even have a aftermarket carb,exaust pipe or anything else....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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