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Default Re: Seeking Tiny Removable Gas Tanks

Having one of these (bikes) is a curse, in some respects.

Wherever I go, people always ask me where they can get one. If liability issues weren't such an issue in my state, I would be able to sell at least one bike a week (without exageration). Also, I would PERSONALLY have ethical concerns about selling to someone who could turn-out to get injured with the wares. Some of the people that approach me seem to be clumsy, and I would have problems sleeping at night worrying about them.

My gripe is that I need to budget at least an additional 10-20 minutes per trip to fight-off groupies. This is a serious problem.

Back to the point: Is the stock gas cap a standard size for a locking gas cap?

Thanks for the help.

150 Miles/Gallon
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