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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Pictured below is the polish used, which I believe Steve (fasteddy) picked up at NAPA last summer. The fittings are what will be used for the sight gauge, are brass hose barbs with a 90 degree angle. I'm still looking for a good source for these. I have seen them before on outboard gas tanks and in my ebay search discovered they are also used on pressure washers. The ebay seller wanted more for the shipping than for the fitting and would not give a break for an order of say four of them. He's trying to make his money on the shipping, but it will be from someone else. I'll keep looking for a source. Anybody suggest a supplier? Mark, I'm wondering if these are used for remote control planes, maybe in hose sizes smaller than 1/4".
That's it for now and I imagine this thread is coming close to it's end. I will post photos of my solo tin tank, good bad or ugly, once it is done. Thanks again to our own Tinsmith, Dan, who has been so generous to me and to all of us in sharing his knowledge of sheet metal work. I have some great tanks for my Schwinn cantilever builds as a physical reminder of his skill. And now, like you, I know how to go about it. Practice by doing will lead to some great gas tanks in the future.
I began this thread speaking of the inspiration from Bairdco's pioneer work which made me want to make a copper gas tank. Now I know how. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread and please feel free to return to it with your own observations, experiences or questions.
Great as these tanks are, my friendship with Dan is more valuable yet. Thanks, Bud. Let's go ride our bikes... woohoo!
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