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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Thanks for the tips, guys. Just a reminder here that I did not make this copper tank, Dan did... his first one, too. I'm just the reporter and take pictures. I also get to keep the tank! My own tank will first be tin and hopefully I'll come closer to finishing it this next shop session. A copper tank won't happen for me until next summer, but now I have a good idea of how to go about it, thanks to the Tinsmith.
I was at Lowes yesterday for other things and picked up the little abrasive buffs made for Dremel rotary tools. I bought two packages, each $3.00+ so I could try both the coarse and the fine. These work nicely, but I would skip the coarse one which dug right into the copper. The photos show results from less than an hour's cleanup work, hitting the drips with the little buffs, followed by super fine steel wool to take out most of the scratching on the copper from the buff abrasion. I was not able to find the rubber wheel with abrasive embedded in the rubber, suggest by Mark. They may be better yet for this application.
For the heck of it I tried some of the aluminum and mag polish Fasteddy and I used last summer on our canoe sidecar project and it works great. No doubt any polish with a mild abrasive in it would do the same... auto rubbing compound and probably even toothpaste. The shine came right up and looks great, I think. I decided that I like the band of solder as it is and did little to reduce it's width. A smaller iron would make a solder line a little less wide, so that is something I'll experiment with next summer. I did no polishing on the bottom, most on the top and the side with the petcock, very little so far on the side which will get the sight gauge fittings. Yummy...
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