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Default Re: autolube/oil injection conversion?

Ah, good ole' ebay. Don't know why I didn't think of it. D'oh!

I've found some pumps made for scooters, but it would require the scooter carb as well in order to get the proper mix. I know on a lot of the old bikes with this system, there was a 2nd throttle cable connected to the oil pump which controlled the mix.

And yeah, I was guessing it would be interesting trying to get the gear ratio's correct for the pump. Shouldn't be too terribly difficult to figure out though.

Deacon, I was thinking about that yesterday. Though, I was thinking of having a bottle with enough oil for a full tank, but then realized it would get messed up if you filled up without being empty. your idea isn't too bad. Just have to guess how much gas is already in the tank and how much you need, and adjust accordingly. Maybe I could make a gas sight gauge that has increments marked out on it in like 1/10 gal increments. Then you just gotta worry about getting the oil properly mixed with the gas in the tank....

Still would be nice to have oil injection though

Also, there's a non-profit company - Envirofit - that's making direct gas injection (inject fuel directly into the cylinder after the exhaust port closes) conversion kits for certain 2-strokes to help clean up the air in Asia. Would be pretty sweet to have that hooked up as well, lol.
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