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Originally Posted by eDJ View Post

I only hope more young men step out from behind the computer and spend some time in the shop to develop their bench craft skills. Then apply computer tech to what they do both from the research on the net to the design phase. And dads, uncles, and grand dads give birthday and holiday gifts of tool boxes with beginning mechanical, electronics, and carpentry & masonry tools. Then try to support the kids efforts with guidance, advice, and project plans appropriate to their ages. These essential qualities have to go into boy's when they are growing up as after they are grown they may have no interest in learning about it. But the boys who do gain these skills growing up will be better able to look after themselves and families later.
I wish I would have been able to do more projects when I was a kid. My dad was a handyman and in to carpentry and construction and stuff, but all I ever really got to do was hold the nails and stuff like that

Though honestly I think I've done fairly well. I was able to pay enough attention to know what I'm doing now that I'm an adult. All my auto knowledge is self-taught (it's amazing how quickly you'll learn when you have to fix it to get to work).

I just wish I got to do cool stuff as a kid.
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