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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by discontinuuity View Post
I don't know too much about how compressors are built, but the type in the story I heard was an old Mopar A/C compressor like this one:

It looks pretty durable to me (probably all cast iron) but again I don't know how the valves, lubrication system, or piston rings work. In the story I heard some guy living in the Alaskan wilderness used one of these hooked up to a homemade boiler/stove and an alternator to charge batteries and power his house, in conjunction with solar panels. Apparently they put out something like 3 hp with the right boiler. I haven't found much more info beyond that though.

I've thought about buying a compressor (they're pretty cheap on ebay) and building a boiler like yours, then mounting everything in an old motorcycle frame. But I don't know too much about what it would take to adapt the compressor into an engine, and I don't have the space, time, or money for a new project.
Now that's a really cool compressor. Would make a great looking steam engine and it has a crankcase, too. Two pistons means it might even be self-starting, which my single-action piston won't be. Hmmm ... well too late now ... maybe next time. I wonder what the guts of it look like, whether it has conventional pistons and rings or a wobble piston. A cutaway diagram would be worth checking out.
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