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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Please don't take the following personal baird - it ain't 'bout you, it's a general forum thing...there are thousands of members from all walks of life

The problems I have with unsubstantiated claims may not be as obvious as the "fish stories" you'd think - although those are annoying. I'm not sure why some new member with his stock HT thinks the rest of the memberbase is gonna swallow their "ZOMG I jus' did 60" when most of us all ride the same motors & some of us have sweated & bled to get every last bit out of our engines, yet still fall well short of the mark.

The major beef I've got is unrealistic expectations, all those newer members happy with their bikes readin' bout how with jus' a quartz crystal taped to the fuel line to "polarize teh positive zen of teh fuel molecules" you too can break the sound barrier w/a 35cc weedwacker motor.

Suddenly, all those new guys look at their rides w/disappointment - bummed they've got a "lemon" that can "only" do 30 something. Usually those same folks that are prone to ridiculous and unproven claims are the same folks offering ridiculous & bad advice - so now we've got a buncha newbs busting up their motors & expecting the world from "easy fixes" and starting to hate the bike they loved so much.

There's also the gurus, those with real skills that spend huge amounts of time and money gettin' everything outa their setups and then some, fighting for every last mile per hour, going the extra to see what can be actually done. As with anything, they're a bit rare - rarer still are the ones willing and able to share their hard-earned secrets with the rest of us... only to be "thanked" with oneupmanship, somebody has jus' gotta claim another 5mph over, just to get "rep", to sound cool or w/e - every time this happens, it's a slap in the face for the guy who busted hump and actually did something more than a regear and set his speedo to KPH instead of MPH.

So, the guy w/skills stops bothering to post and we're left with the braggadocio alone, sort of a "reverse Darwinism" if you will.

Personally? I wanna see records broken, I'd love to hear about how it was done - you can bet I'll be there readin' and memorizing every detail & following yer advice, rippin' my motor down & tinkerin' away...

...but if ya can't be bothered to hand the cam to a buddy in a chase car or film the GPS, don't bother to post what speeds ya think ya reached as honestly? The folks who know these motors are either laughing at ya, or really want to know ALL of the exact details down to the last MPH precisely - because after all, with these tiny lil motors it really is about the most fractional gains.

Without proof - it's all jus' stories *shrug*

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