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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post

wanna bet?

i know most of the "slow down..." posts are meant as advice, but sometimes it comes off as an insult. i also know most of those guys giving that advice have all been there, wrenching on whatever jalopy or motorcycle they had when they were younger and stupider, so cut the new kids some slack. let them take their lumps and learn the old fashion way.
Not to infer dissension in the ranks as it's jus' preference & opinion, same as anythin' else...

I've not once, ever told anyone to "slow down" or "get a motorcycle" - TBH it'd be more than a lil hypocritical for me to say that

I'm sure those that do are jus' being responsible, concerned for folk's safety and the legal problems they may find themselves in... but suffice to say I don't feel I can advise people with concerns I personally ignore every day... I'm not exactly "new" but I still seem after "gettin some lumps" lol

In any case - I know it's meant well, no insult intended & as I jus' mentioned previously, we're all open to expressing opinions & disagreeing so long as it's kept civil.

The only beef I've had with speed talk here is unsubstianted claims - you'll note that although I "got the need fer the speed" I've never made any speed claim. This is for two reasons, the first is minor - I'm not competitive and I don't care, the second is far more critical - I've never filmed my GPS at speed to prove any claim, I'm usually far too busy at those speeds managing our lovely roads to fiddle w/a cam heh
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