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Cool Re: New Member,Suspicious of a site

Originally Posted by wsmuller View Post
I first want to introduce myself. I am a new member, and this will be my first time building a gas-powered bicycle.

I came across, and did a lot of research on their engine kits. I also researched, Gas Bike, and Bike Berry, and I found similar engine kits as Raw.

Anyway, what strikes me as odd is Raw Motors' website. It just looks too plain.

All of the other vendors have references at the bottom of their pages (e.g. secure-shopping seals, verified merchant seals, etc). Raw doesn't have any of these, ****', they don't even have a "secure PayPal" checkout option when you go to checkout.

Can anyone clue me in on Raw Motors? And if they're a legit company?

Furthermore, Gas Bike was/is apparently a vendor for Raw, but the only Raw products on are discontinued. What's up with all that?
Welcome to the forum.....that sounds like a raw deal! Someone is sure to chime in on this for ya, I haven't dealt with any of them because I'm in California and they don't ship here....go figure.

Hang around and enjoy the ride, help is on the way!

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