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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I did Steve! No kidding. Sent it to the woman who heads up their ads at a separate company. No reply. I was hoping for a hat, some free beer or at least a hat, snork. Really, is a Bud light cap to much to ask for? I worked hard on that for several minutes with a rather horrible hang-over.

But is all about the fun. (and free hats) wut ya gonna do.

On a serious note, it is short 2 or 3 lines according to their existing ads. When I come up with them, gonna send to AB directly. I really do think its funny (but I have rather low standards) and just think it would be cool for us. Gonna make ring tones for us. I am working on one with a 4 stroke warming up. Is actually pretty cool. I am down to one 2 smoker and have yet to record her. But will get to it some day.
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