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Default Seeking Tiny Removable Gas Tanks

Does anyone have any experience with alternative fuel tanks?

I'm looking to mount a quickly detachable/installable 16 oz (about 0.5L) cell, that can travel with me (must be airtight when in storage, and ventable while mounted).

I've seen the hobby airplane fuel tanks, and was thinking that something like those would work.

Unfortunately, my bike is drawing a tremendous amount of unwanted attention from people when I have it locked-up on a rack. I even saw one "nosey" fan/spectator open my gas tank and play-around with it. (Isn't it just common-sense that the bike is not public property?) It's like some people have never seen a moped before, AND they feel that they are entitled to examine with their hands.

Also, it doesn't make any sense to haul-around 75 miles worth of fuel at a time, if I'm only doing 15 mile round trips. 0.5 to 0.75 L (16oz to 32 oz) should do it. The 50 cent gas fill-ups at the gas station would be interesting, too.

Any ideas?

150 Miles/Gallon
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