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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

my response to everyone that says "buy a motorcycle... bicycles aren't meant to go that fast..." or whatever, my reply is this;

"says who?"

human beings have always been fascinated by speed. take almost every vehicle ever built, and there's someone out there thinking "i could make that go really fast..."

from shopping carts to barstools, lawn tractors to bicycles, honda civics to chevy impalas, there's always gonna be someone to hotrod it.

it may not be safe, or practical, or a brilliant idea, but someone will still push the limits, no matter how crazy or stupid it may turn out.

i love taking something that so many people consider a piece of junk and proving what it can actually do.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
As for speed validation... other than pretty much the speeds you've quoted, it starts getting really hard to believe - sure it's not impossible, the land speed record for an Altered Gasoline 50cc engine is around 70mph, but there's no way in heck these Chinese engines are gonna reach that...
wanna bet?

i know most of the "slow down..." posts are meant as advice, but sometimes it comes off as an insult. i also know most of those guys giving that advice have all been there, wrenching on whatever jalopy or motorcycle they had when they were younger and stupider, so cut the new kids some slack. let them take their lumps and learn the old fashion way.

just about every major advancement in motor vehicle technology has come from racing. if it wins on sunday, it sells on monday. someone's gotta be out there risking it all, right?

in my opinion and experience, riding with traffic is a lot safer than doing 30mph in the bike lane, or worse, in the gutter on the side of the road, inches from cars flying by.

i'm not tryin' to get you guys mad, just stating my opinion, as an opinion, and not a statement.
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