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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Had a little time to make some sparks so almost finished the frame welding today. I cut off the jackshaft mount, welded in the studs and scooted it over 1/2" as planned. Then I welded up a clutch handle and the pivot for it to turn on. Easy peasy because I found the perfect steel bushing that will take a bronze bushing/bearing inside. Zap zap all welded up and I took the frame inside and went to clean up the bore of the steel bushing and it cracked. Yep, what I assumed was rolled steel was cast iron. Darn nice piece of cast iron sure didn't look cast. It welded up nice, too, but couldn't handle the heat. So tomorrow (if it isn't raining), I'll cut off the welds and replace the cast bushing with a proper steel version.

Here's the clutch lever. You'll notice I used some pieces from a chain tensioner. Added gussets. I'll put a bronze or nylon bushing inside the roller as it's kinda sloppy. Much better to use something with bearings but this is what I have on hand and it will do for now. I'll need to weld up a guide and catch for the clutch lever so it can be set in the tensioned position when the bike is underway.

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