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Default Op Roller Build

Yes, yet another Op Roller motor bicycle. I built this one for my best friend Bruce. Actually he bought the bicycle and motor kit the same time I bought mine last September, but it's taken me this long to make it because of life happening.

It features the hockey puck front motor mount, like the Atomic BB. I couldn't use the same design for the chain tensioner as on the Atomic BB, because this bikes frame is a little shorter and there wasn't enough room, so I copied what others have done using the stock tensioner. This design is superior to the stock mount because it doesn't try to pull the tensioner into the spokes.

Bruce wanted to use the same fuel tanks as the Atomic BB. The motor is a Black 48cc Flying Horse slant head. Bruce decided to use the stock rag joint and sprocket since that's what came with the kit, and I kind of wanted to experience building a bike with one, so that's what he's starting out with.

Extras include a head and tail light, and a wireless speedometer. I installed a NGK BPR6HSA resister plug to try to prevent RF interfering with the wireless speedo.

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