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Default Re: Adjustments and Operation

Bill- You've come to the right place for all the info you'll need.

You can adjust the cables at the bars, or at the working end. If you need it, someone will be glad to help you with a step-by-step, let me know.

Mixing fuel? Get a one gallon can and add oil then the oil's recommendation for ounces per gallon. Use a mix of 24:1 at first, some go to 32-36:1 after break-in.

Read this-

If you need help with operation tips, just ask......

He are a few to get you started.

Use less than full choke to start...all bikes need different amounts to start well, most seem to need 3/4 or less..
Pedal to a comfortable speed before releasing the clutch whether starting or taking off from a start.
Don't overtighten your chain!
Ask a lot of questions.
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