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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Erm... sorry, gonna hafta disagree w/you a bit here - what these builds are "meant" for is completely up to the builder.

"Show and tell & gas mileage... to just have fun" is indeed part of it, but hardly the whole story for everyone. Some are built to "win a race" ...and those guys help the rest of us with their innovative ideas and advancements, same as with other motor vehicle racing.

I personally ride a "cruiser fat tire single speed vintage bicycle" (tho it's a single speed no longer) and although I do jus' "cruise" from time to time, I assure you that's not what I built it for lol - I spent way too much time tweakin' the motor to jus' putt around at idle speeds

I use it and my mountain bike as daily commuters, averaging roughly 6000+ miles a year between them - the Schwinn mountain bike is the winter beater & trial hog, also not exactly just "cruising" as it spends waaaay too much time in the air or sideways to meet that definition heh

"Having fun" is w/o a doubt the most important thing, but that's jus' the start - the "what and how" of the ride is as diverse as our memberbase... and honestly, that's one of the things I love the most about these things
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