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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Just realized today after taking Nashville Kat's advise on a smaller rear sprocket, (Thanks Kat!) I am getting insanely good millage! I have yet to really test and do the math but is phenomenally better For the price of some lower end so, so worth it! RPM max's out at around 4K so engine is happy and happy sounding. Speed is still low 30s. win/win all around.

My only MPG test on this engine was worst case. Did it in the cold and on a one mile road with a stop sign half way. Went from stop to WOT to stop to WOT for a hrs. It got 108 MPG. Have to test but now (I am guessing but will report) has to be at least 20% better. At these numbers, don't really care about MPG but was another cool lesson learned. Think that is one of the best parts of our crazy. Never ends and always some thing new to explore. The math said my ratio was perfect. It wasn't.
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