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Default my first motorized bicycle adventure warning i babble ALOT

I put a 28cc craftsman blower motor onto a mongoose full suspension bike yesterday. Well i couldnt find the crank arms and the back rim was bent a bit. My brakes were rubbin so i just unhooked them ( not smart but i have a LONG stretch of road with no stopping to do). Oh, facts before i get moving on 26" bike 2" roller friction drive. no peddles, no brakes and a stupid skinny seat, starting consists of running with the bike and jumping on when it kicks in. 10 miles in and she wasnt running too good, i stopped and adjusted the jets....she flew then! the next 50, yes i said 50 miles! ran really good and FAST too. I'd have to say by my judgement that i averaged about 30 - 35 mph. At one point i guy riding next to me was looking crazily at his speedo and to me and back and forth so i yelled "how fast" he told me 40 mph with a look of shock on his face. I do admit at that point i had been running wide open for about 5 miles on a flat stretch. no hills to help either! lol
i went to my shop and decided to "better" my bike by putting the motor assembly onto my beach cruizer and putting the front shock fork on it also. This thing has a flippin couch for a seat, man do i love it! lol. I added a "clutch" if you will that lifts the motor by a cable too. This one has working brakes ( cantilevers on the front and coasters on the back), AND has working peddles ( which are sweet cause you can build speed REAL quick using both motor and flintstone power). This bike didnt feel quite as fast as the first one but i think its the weight. Thats ok ill trade a few mph for safety and comfort ( my butt is still tahnking me for it!). I had to use botched up cables but i stopped at wal mart and got all new ones so thats my project for tomorrow. Oh im using 2 brake levers and 2 twist grip shifter on the bars one twist is for the "clutch" the other throttle left lever for front brake and i might put a set of disk brakes on the rear using the right lever .
Point of the whole babbling story? about 80 miles on $2 of gas and one 1/2 pint of 2 stroke oil, and smiling all the way ( except the parts i was cussin') oh after thought im definantly building a bigger tank monday the weedeater tank is WAY too small 4 fill ups today. I'll try to take some pics of my toy when i can. and thanks for readin my babbles!
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