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Originally Posted by bobdeezy View Post
i finally made it thru the terribly slow break in period on my rig and i got 42.4mph with a stock 44t setup on 700c tires. i cant wait to add all the goodies i can starting of course with my homemade boost and no2 kits and the first reasonably priced 32-34t sprocket i can get my hands on. if anyone knows a site where i can order a pretapped manifold and a small sprocket id love to hear about it. ill post pics when my bike is a little less ghetto. i built it from a 80cc slant black kit and a diamondback roadbike frame i dug out of the trash. i currently have a 26in mountain bike tire on the front (yes thats the speedo side and i did calibrate my speedo accordingly) and i finally got brakes my kit told me to do my break in at 15k but that was barely idle speed so i did my break in at 15mph instead doesnt seem to have had a negative affect yet. also, pending some further experimentation i seem to gain a signifigant power increase when i remove the baffle. does anyone sell baffles with oversize bores? anyway ill keep yall posted thx for any help u provide
Welcome the forum bobdeezy, relax, kick your shoes don't need to ruin a perfectly good engine with NOS do ya?

Just a little story on mph here today (true story). I was hittin 43.5mph on a stock 49cc slow pokey 4-strokey with a 56T stock rear sprocket. I've got 40.6 hrs. on the engine so far....break-in period was 30mph for the first 20 hrs. The only mods (if ya wanna call em that) are a homemade straight-pipe and an NGK Iridium spark plug....that's it.

If ya wanna enjoy your new bike for a couple years or so, don't waste your money on NOS kits, they will kill your engine in no time. How fast do you really need to go? If you want to go faster than stock, invest in a good carb and a proper expansion chamber and you'll go plenty fast, believe me.

End of rant....spend your money wisely, ride carefully and enjoy your ride for many years to come, cheers!

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