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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Hope you guys don't mind me posting so many pictures...

A psychiatrist can always use this thread to document my spiral downward into madness.

Got the jackshaft all welded up and assembled and swapped out my rear wheel for a 36 spoke job and bolted on the sheave and mounted the wheel ... all lookin' good ... well ... that is until it became evident that the jackshaft bracket which is solidly welded to the frame now needs to be moved to the right 3/4". fun fun So I'll be cutting welds tomorrow and repositioning it with the added challenge that I can no longer run two of the pillow block bearing bolts straight through the mounting plate. I'll have to weld studs into the plate in place of them because they'll fall right on the center line of the seat tube.

This is all because I lost the directions a ways back ...

Here's a shot of the sprocket side of the jackshaft:

Look like a good place for a chain guard?

The pulley side:

The up side is that it looks like the belt tensioning lever is going to be pretty easy to design and make.

And here's something to scratch your head over. That itty bitty circuit board is the time delay relay that will signal the water feed solenoid to close when the water level in the boiler gets to the sensor. Behind it is the box it came in! Sometimes you gotta laugh.

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