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Default HELP!! Grubee Skyhawk 66cc Bogging down, desperate

I am new to motorizing bikes, and this is my first project. For some reason, whenever I start my bike, it idles at a VERY high RPM, and when I start to accelerate (10+MPH) it bogs down until I release the throttle. When I engage the clutch, it idles at a very high RPM. I've made sure my carburater is airtight around the intake valve, and I've also played with my adjustment screw.. It's running at a 24:1 fuel ratio at the moment. I've also found that playing with the clutch lowers the RPMs when idling. Sometimes it idles at such a high RPM that the curburater is thrown off the intake valve.

If you can offer any tips, that would be great. I'm desperate to get this thing working after several trips to home depot and power equipment stores. It's been almost a week-long project.
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