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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Awesome Skarrd. Please post links to a build thread or lots of pics here? I am getting one when this project is done, (read payed for, lol) Would really enjoy seeing your work before I get mine.

Car was still in shop so rode bike to work, then to shop. Check engine light, no matter what I did would not go off to pass emissions. $333 and an O2 sensor later light is still on and I learn my car is older then needs to be hooked to the testing computer and will just get a thing stuck up it's tail pipe. Strange Symmetry there, eh? double and depressing snicker.

Ridding to work, seat feels broken. Get there so cold fingers hurt. Really dunno how you northern folks do it all winter. Get in and grab a cup of coffee and a smoke. Look under the seat and the spring is gone! No kidding, the whole thing is just not there. Cracked me up. Really, how the **** can the spring get gone? My favorite saddle too. Uber cheap but unbelievably comfortable. It was cushy for the tushy. Now, not so much. Well, half any way.

But man motorized bicycle commuting is great! Nice way to clear your head for the day and to end it.
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