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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

LOL @ Dan "born to be Mild"... I have a shirt design for this forum I submitted with "built to be wild" as the tagline... The still liked "not just for peddling any more" better... BTW Paul what about the shirts? Is gettiing warmer and we need something to show the pride when we ride LOL

MY Crannie build has been surprising me with how well it has been running. With some minor exceptions I have been riding like a fool... I did have to change out the stator the other day after running through a puddle and water getting into the ignition box and had an air leak in the CNS 1 carb that needed to be tracked down but other than that it is a running fool. I actually hit 38.6 mph today by my GPS...

I did work on the fenders and painted them black as well as the chain guard instead of the crappy cream color Huffy uses...

I also ordered my bike cards as it doesn't appear I can go out for a ride in peace without someone wanting to know where o get a bike like mine (I got waved down twice today alone, oh well better than police lights I guess)... Thanks Barely Awake for letting me use the background of your cards... Here is the proof from the printers:

$30.64 for 1000 cards is a heck of a deal I thought, sure beats me printing them and trimming them on my own...

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