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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

I found the missing photo disc today from the work session two weeks ago and thought I'd share as few even if they are a little late. First is a photo of the petcock, the reducing bushing it fits into and the petcock in the bushing. Dan soldered the bushing into the tank and later on the petcock is threaded into it.

Second photo shows the two filler bungs used on tanks #1 & #2. One is a male 3/4" copper plumbing fitting and the other is a brass hose connector, also 3/4". Either will work, and neither is very expensive. The brass one is maybe twice as much. The copper fitting has a slightly different pitch to the threading, so a brass hose cap fits the brass coupling better than the copper one, although it does thread on and seal up. I used the copper on tank #1 and now wish that I had drilled a small hole in the smooth part which fits inside the tank. I didn't and that means I'm not able to get the full capacity of the tank since there is a dead air space from the bottom of the filler tube to the top of the tank. So you either want to cut off much of the bottom portion or just drill a hole in the side of the fitting. On tank #2 I did cut off most of the tube which is inside the tank. Important!

The other three photos are of tank #2 when it was being readied for soldering. Dan has fitted the sides to the long top piece and then placed the two wooden forms to each side before clamping it in place. Note the spacers inside the tank which Dan removed after the soldering was done. Keep in mind there is still an open space in the bottom at this point and that is where the spacers come out. You might need to twist them a bit to bend enough to fish them out. Now the tank is solidly together and it is simple enough to solder on the bottom piece, tacking it at the corners of one end and then working a bead around the whole bottom piece. This jig (if that's what it is) means Dan can solder with both hands free. Pretty neat.
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