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Originally Posted by wheelbender6 View Post
Welcome to the forum. I hate censorship, but realize that some posts and strong opinions can cause the site to lose the sponsors that make all this possible.
If you have strong opinions, it's better to private message them to other members.
I know that is a wimpy way to look at it, but sponsors help make the world go 'round.
All true - except replace the words "sponsors" with "members" and "strong opinions" with "drama"

Sponsors couldn't care less about the content, they jus' wanna get their name out to anyone/everyone - but for every member that likes to stir up trouble, there's a bunch who'd rather not deal with it and would leave... and I couldn't blame 'em - the site is after all about motorized bicycling, not 'Jerry Springer' silliness, there's other forums that cater to that kinda thing.

"Strong opinions" are fine - it's about how ya present them is all

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