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Default Re: Looking at bikes

it's very rare to find any kind of sizing on older bikes. it wasn't really a factor in bike design back then. especially pre-war bikes. aside from a few racing bikes made, they were designed for an upright riding position (this is especially true on high-end bikes, pre-30's, as bicycling was thought of as an elitist activity) and people just weren't as tall back then.

there are a few companies, like Colson, that made larger frames in the 40's-50's, but it really wasn't until the 10 speed, racing bike boom in the 70's that companies started sizing bikes.

on most beach cruiser bikes, the only way to accomodate a taller rider is with longer, layback seatposts, taller goosenecks, and high rise bars. most cheap bikes are kinda a "one size fits most."

since i'm 5'7", i'm not exactly an expert on bigger bikes, but i'm sure some other freaks of nature... i mean... tall guys will chime in.
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