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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

6/27/08 - Ordered kit from
7/3/08 - Received kit from
7/4/08 to 7/6/08 - Worked on bicycle with a licensed mechanic and found out motor is DOA. Emailed them immediately.
7/7/08 - Got a call from Zoombicycles, saying they will see if there're any other suggestions on how to fix the motor before sending it back.
7/9/08 to 7/20/08 - Called and emailed multiple times without hearing back anything.
7/21/08 - Finally got a reply saying I need to ship it back. They will test and send out a new motor if they determine it's dead. I gotta pay for shipping.
7/22/08 - Sent via UPS.
7/25/08 - Packaged received, signed by JHON.
7/28/08 up to today 8/7/08 - No emails, no phone calls, no status updates, no info what so ever from

I'm not so sure about the people giving them thumbs up, since I certainly am not getting any support/responses from them. I'm still waiting for a working motor to be shipped to me... if it ever gets shipped.

Very poor customer service if you ask me. Maybe I'm the only one?! If so, then lucky me!?
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