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Cool Re: GT-1/2 vs worksman

The guy from Canada that advertises on here at "blow by you" bikes has these and will ship with motor kits. I think he has the cheapest prices I've seen, cheaper that the victory guys in AZ. I noticed the the GT2 tank is only a liter (just about useless) So I think the GT1's with a standard tank that holds more (3L) would be the way to go. Even the standard tanks are to small for me. I like these frames but they need a fatter tank (which I think they have designed and are putting on their newest aluminum frames) I am not sure I would trust an aluminum frame bike with a motor, I think the old steel ones flex better and can handle the vibrations better than a beer can bike frame. I want someone to make bigger bolt on tanks In frame, under, over I dont care but a gallon or 2 to ride on would be nice. I found a peanut Harley tank at 2.2 gallons 7x9x16 for $199 but thats steep so unless I start fabbing up my own I'm out'a luck for now. You will never make money trying to build and sell them, even my friends that make $3000 custom frames just do it cuz they love to, and someone always comes along that wants to buy whatever they make, so build what you love and if someone buys it as art or because they love your craftsmanship then you will make some profit. You'd be working for $3 bucks a day like the chinese that make these motors trying to assemlbe a bunch and sell. And you better make up a pretty bomb proof liability waiver/ sales reciept.
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