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Default Re: GT-1/2 vs worksman

Originally Posted by chainmaker View Post
A gt2 bike shipped was about 400 clams !! when I last looked. add a motor kit 125 little bit of this and that another conservative 75 thats almost 6 beans in not including labor/mark-up.. There only a couple Respectable (not selling the cheapest bike with the cheapest kit) guys I know that are making any money selling these bikes... but hey Im one guy trying to figure a way myself. Then the liability.
if i put em together for $600 i think i'll be able to make 300-400 on the labor tbh.

gas prices going through the roof will make $900-$1,000 seem like a good investment, back in 2008 when gas was $4 a gallon in the summer scooters were being sold for $2,000 or so n flying off the lots.

sure others may try to do the same thing and do it for less, but again that would be with cheap bikes and cheap motors, i wouldn't want to sell something i wouldn't want to ride myself.

liability is the only thing to really be concerned with but i'll figure something out before i start building em for people.
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