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Default GT-1/2 vs worksman

after reading terry blows build of a GT-2 it got me thinking, which is a better starting platform for producing these types of bikes?

has anyone worked with both of these?

i have no doubt the grubee GT bikes are easier to motorize, but how good are the bike frames themselves? during the spring and summer i want to build these on the side to make some extra money, and need to choose a good solid platform to build off of, initially i was thinking of using the worksmans because they're built very well and have awesome wheels. but i refuse to use rag joints since they've given me nothing but headaches, so i'd be buying lots of sprocket adapters, driving up the price of the bikes.

right now i see 4 advantages with the GT bikes, they have more brakes then similar price range worksmans, which would only have a rear coaster brake, the GTs have rear coaster and front and rear V-brakes, the other is the rear sprocket on their heavy duty wheels. no rag joint, and don't need sprocket adapters, which saves me money, which saves my potential customers money. but how heavy duty are there wheels? worksman wheels are absolutely fantastic and i have no worries about riding through pot holes on those wheels, can the grubee wheels compare at all?

then theres the forks, from the pictures iv'e seen the GT-1/2 have front suspension, the worksman are solid steel, which while i think they'll no doubt last longer, they won't provide as smooth a ride.

lastly the faster i can produce these the better, the less work i have to put in too these while still making a well put together and safe machine, the more money i make(and i am not saying it's ok too produce a lower quality/unsafe bike just to make more money for myself, just that one is much less labor intensive), GT-1/2s were made specifically to be motorized with these type of motors, so obviously i'm not going to have to do any mods like i had to do with my worksman.

on paper for me these grubee bikes are the better choice, but never actually working with one i don't know any of the downsides to them, the main concerns are the wheels and the frame quality. i have a feeling i could go at my worksman frame for an hour with a hammer and the weld would still be pretty solid, i'd like to think the GTs can hold up to the vibrations since they were designed for it but again, i have no experience with them.

anyone care to share there knowledge/experience with me about the ups and downs of these bikes in comparison to each other?
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