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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

The following photos are out of order in what we actually did. You will notice that the bung has not been soldered on yet in the pictures. But the test fitting is something that happens more than once in this process of getting things right. Pay particular attention to the last picture as it is key to making the soldering go well with hands free. Sportscarpat mentioned in an earlier post how much better his welding of tanks went once he figured out a jig for holding it in place as he tacked it together and did the final welding. I don't know if what Dan has come up with qualifies as a "jig", but it does the same thing... holding the work in position so that you are free to use your hands for joining it together.

Dan thought about this problem long and hard and in the middle of the night a while back he got the idea you see in the last picture. He has made spacers of the same width the finished tank will be and bends them as shown, placing them inside the tank. I apologize for not having the next series of photos, (battery ran out in the camera and I didn't realize it) but next week I'll take more pictures and will make clear what I will just describe now...

So picture two things. There remains an open space on the bottom of the tank which will be the last thing in finishing the tank. It is through this opening in the bottom that the spacers will be removed once the sides have been joined to the top piece. So they are used in the "jig" but do not remain inside the tank.

Dan has two pieces of wood the same shape as the sides of the tank. You may remember them from earlier in this thread. He places these wooden pieces on each side of the tank while the spacers are inside the tank. He holds it together with C clamps, effectively pushing the sides snug against the top piece, while the spacers inside resist the sides being pushed too far, crushing the tank. So now the tank is together and both hands are free to do the soldering. There's a little more to this which will be made more clear next time when we have the photos to go with it. Dan's tank is just about ready to solder up and is going to look super. Mine is not as far along and is going to be acceptable. See you next time in the Tinsmith's Shop.
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