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Default Re: New tank inspired by Silverbear and Tinsmith

Looking at the quality of the tanks you are building I was pretty sure you had a jig setup. Whenever we have a need to make multiples at the machine shop we almost always set up some kind of jig. Actually the steel tank I'm making for my worksman was easierr than the sheetmetal/copper tanks we are attempting now. Like you I clamped then tacked the steel tank together and went from there. With these sheetmetal tanks holding them together so they can be soldered is more challenging. Especially on these cantilever tanks with no straight sides. Trying to get the flange down tight the the adjoining pieces so it solders correctly is hard. You can tack solder and then run the bead over them, but there are always some that pop loose because the heat from the iron gets to them before you have moved the iron to that spot. I'm sure it's gonna be an issue with the copper. Although I haven't worked with copper for probably 15 years or so I do remember the difficulty I had holding all the joints together while soldering elsewhere on the piece. Copper just transfers heat so well that you have to get it to temperature and then move on quickly. We will likely see how well we can get the copper tank clamped and blocked up to solder next weekend. Dan
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