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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Dan and I had another shop session yesterday and made progress on both my solo tin tank and his first try at a copper tank. I wanted to show a picture of the tin snips which we used a week ago to cut out the side pieces with all the curves. Dan used the Weis which has wider cutters and is designed for making straight cuts. I used the other one which has narrower jaws or cutters and is intended for curved cuts. Dan likes the feel of the Weis in his hand, so generally uses it for everything. In other words it will also cut curves fine, but might require a bit more skill to do so. The pair of snips I used will also cut straight lines fine, so in the end it is more a matter of what feels comfortable in your hand and is also sharp enough to make clean cuts. Neither of these tools has serrated edges on the cutters which would leave a rougher edge on the cuts.

The other pictures are of the brass hose coupling we used as a bung on these tanks. You may recall earlier in this thread that Dan removed the threading from one half of the coupling using a belt sander so that it would fit snugly in a 3/4" hole. We later cut that coupling off inside the tank to be shorter once it was soldered. On these two tanks we decided to cut them shorter before soldering to the top piece. I
I believe it was sportscarpat who mentioned the need to either shorten or drill a hole in the side of the bung which is inside the tank, else a dead air space will result at the top of the tank. I think in future tanks I will remove the threading as we did on tank #2 and drill a hole in the side of the bung rather than cutting the bung short. I think the soldering will go a little better that way. I used a small rotary tool with a cutoff wheel to make the cuts.
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