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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

I sprayed the tank with a clear coat called Top Flite which was recommended by member and moderator 2door, who knows quite a lot about such things and whose opinion I value. This clear paint is for remote control airplanes and is supposed to be resistant to fuel... a good idea it seems to me for a gas tank. I like the look of the bare electroplate tin, shiny, without being like chrome. So I wanted to see over time how it behaves with small spills of gasoline. I did not know enough to wash it with soap and water before painting, but hopefully the surface is sealed so that oxidation can't happen. Wanting it to be shiny, I did not scuff the surface. I tried doing a little polishing with mag wheel polish ("Mother's" brand) and discovered that the tin plating is very thin and in no time can be removed with the fine grit in the polish, so that is not a good idea. Clean it, handle carefully and cover it with clear coat unless you plan to paint it a color. This was done on tank a#2. I left tank #1 alone with no clear coat to see what will happen with gas spills, dirt, etc. It is on the bike I've been riding and still looks pretty nice. I'm expecting to paint this tank someday when the bike's frame gets repainted.
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