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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

hmmm ... all good suggestions. Hate to have steam shooting straight up from that hole in the filler plug!! ahem.

So, how much blow-by is there with these engines? I was assuming essentially none. If there is some, I would assume the rings need replaced. I know tiny amounts of steam can potentially leak past and cause water to collect in the case, but was hoping it would be so little it might not amount to anything. My reason for venting the plug is to relieve pressure when the piston comes down and vacuum when it goes up. I do know from working on hot rods over the years that a crankcase needs to be vented (generally through the heads/valve covers, but on my older Chevys it was through a tube from the front of the block/intake manifold - same as with a VW Bug motor, actually). I've never seen noticable amounts of blow-by gasses coming through such vents, even when I was seating a new set of rings, but then, the rings in car engine are of much better quality than these 2-strokes. I can replace the plug easy enough. I like the idea of a vent tube running from the intake cover plate and having a filter/screen. Would be kinda like my old '56. Just fix a small filter to the end of the stock intake tube.

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