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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

I agree again the crank case has to breathe beacause of the blow by of the rings,old cars had a breather tube that came from the top of the motor and went down toward the road along with a oil filler cap that was an air breather also.
I remember some kids rebuilt a 283 or327 chevy and brought it to the station wanting to know why oil was comming out all the gaskets,,it had new crome valve covers and one of the new solid oil caps,no place for air to escape at all ,all that blow-by from the new rings had no where to go but out the weakest points,the gaskets.
maybe a tall 1 inch tube(6-8 inches tall) comming from the original air intake manifold hole and filled with staniless steel scrubber pads and a screen accross the bottom at the motor to keep the pads inside with a loope over tube going down past the motor toward the ground to keep the hot blow by steam off the rider
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