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The next engine is going to be done in a Plymouth copper tone to match the Schwinn copper tone on my Sportsmanflyer BTR, if your going to paint the engine make sure the paint is specifically for an engine with ceramic incorperated in the paint otherwise it will! fry and your stuck with not only a burnt looking engine but one that also smells like crap too you can purchase the paint at pep boys or any other auto parts place but read the can.
I think what also helps the engine in my case, is that it was completely dis-assemble'd and super cleaned of all flashing inside and out then carefully painted, Id like to see a Hemi orange paint job insted of hod rod red like every one else has, be differant thats what makes it pop! and by the way clutch and billet magneto covers were supplied by Sick Bike parts Thanks! again Jim
Thanks for all comments, keep me incouraged! I'll post as build progress's
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