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Default autolube/oil injection conversion?

So this morning I left for work thinking that it looked like I had enough gas in the tank to get home (didn't have any premix left in the gas can). Now that I'm at work, I'm not so sure I'll have enough to get home. This got me to thinking.

"If only I could fill up at the pump..." (4-stroke? Nah.) Then I wouldn't possibly have to teach my wife over the phone how to make the premix and bring it to me.

I wonder how difficult it would be to adapt the autolube/oil-injection system onto our motors from a small 2-stroke dirtbike or scooter. I know most of the pumps are driven off of the primary gear on the bike's transmission, so there would certainly be some adaptation necessary for our china motors. But I think with a couple gears and a slight modification to the clutch cover, it might just be doable.

Really if you think about it, this would be ideal. Have an oil reservoir that's capable of holding enough oil to last a few gallons...don't have to worry about getting your gas mixed properly before you fill up....can fill up on the road...yadda yadda yadda.

No here's my only issue so far: I can't find any of the pumps online. My Google-fu must be lacking today or something, but the only results I'm coming up with are either patents, or forum posts describing how to REMOVE the pumps.

To start off I just want to find out how much these things even cost, and what's available out there for small motors, then decide if it's even worth it. Anybody have any parts sites that would carry these things, or any other handy resources?

Or am I just crazy?
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